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The Pageant (2)
    I waited for long after all the girls had left. The manager took quite a bit of coaxing to leave me alone in there... Why was she so worried about me being alone in a changing room? As soon as she left, I ran to the miniature changing room where I had left all my boy clothes. Now, I needed to get out of these stupid girly clothes. I used my hands to grab either shoulder of the dress, and tried to yank in off of me, but there was something keeping it on me! I couldn't get out of the dress by myself, and that must have been the reason the manager didn't want to leave me alone!
    Out in the lobby's hall, I could hear Dylan yelling my name. I froze, he could NOT see me like this! I then relaxed, knowing Dylan wasn't dumb enough to walk into the girl's changing room... right? "COLE WHERE ARE YOU?!" Dylan said, barging right into the room. "AHHH! I'm sorry!" He screamed, seeing me, and quickly dashed back out of the room, slamming the door behind him. I chased him o
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The Pageant (1)
    My name is Cole, and my brother and I live in a hotel. Yes, we LIVE in a hotel, due to our mom getting a brand new job here. Dylan and I were at our usual mischief in the lobby, trying to annoy any of the employees that we could... But by this point, they were all used to it, and didn't give us the attention we wanted!
    But, that wasn't happening today, because I saw the most pretty girl I had ever seen in a big long line in the lobby. I dropped my water gun, and without thinking began walking over to her. As soon as I got close, I freaked out dashed to the front of the line. "Mr Hanon, what is this line for?!" I yelled, practically out of breath. He was way more than just a little annoyed. "Cole, this is the line for the hotel's Little Miss Beauty Pageant... I don't think it would interest you." He said, pushing me out of the way.
    Wow... this girl was in line for a beauty pageant! How could things be any better than that! "Cole, what the heck a
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How not to Babysit (1)
NOTICE: This story will most likely be replacing stories such as Baby Care Class and Sister's Doll. Thank you.
    I watched my parents pull out of the driveway in their car, and speed away. I was being left home alone with my three younger sisters. Hannah (the oldest of the three, six years old), Emily (Second oldest, five years old) and Mandy (my youngest sister). I was to babysit them for a full week and a half while my parents left for a giant business trip in Egypt. I have an older sister also, but she lives out of the house, across town with her boyfriend, so I don't see her all that often.
    The first few hours were easy. Us four watched TV, played a few simple board games, ate pizza for dinner, and did all sorts of stuff. Their bedtime came before I knew it. Just as typical for girls their age, none of them wanted to go to sleep. I decided to put Mandy to bed first... she was youngest, she would need more sleep, right?
    "Come on, Mandy! It's t
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Replacement Princess (REMADE!) :iconwndash2:Wndash2 68 1
Mature content
Girlfriend's Rubber Toy :iconwndash2:Wndash2 166 5
Mature content
The Daycare (2) :iconwndash2:Wndash2 93 18
Mature content
Pokemon (2) - The New Baby Ralts :iconwndash2:Wndash2 31 10
Welcome to the New World of Pokemon! (1)
    Three hundred years after Red climbed Mt. Silver, the world of Pokemon wasn't as it had always been. Friendship and bonds between Pokemon were a thing of the past. By then, all the Pokemon in the world had been driven to extinction by the overwhelming amount of new, abusive trainers.
    The extinction of Pokemon happened quickly, and the world of Pokemon was caught off by surprise. In order to cope with the absence of Pokemon, people needed to find new Pokemon to catch. With the entire world mostly numbered by abusive and insane Pokemon trainers, they found a new way to bring back the Pokemon they love.

    "Oh hello there, young trainers! I am professor Maple. This television broadcast is for all you younger eyes to see! We have managed to acquire some Pokemon from the Pohem region! As long as you are under twenty years old, come stop by to have your first Pokemon! Come quick, because we have a limited number of them. Thank you for tuning in,
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Mature content
The Daycare (1) :iconwndash2:Wndash2 123 4
Mature content
DUMP - Shopping :iconwndash2:Wndash2 26 2
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Changed (Final) :iconwndash2:Wndash2 77 4
Mature content
The Girl Scouts (2) :iconwndash2:Wndash2 40 14
Mature content
Changed (1) :iconwndash2:Wndash2 82 11
Mature content
The Girl Scouts (1) :iconwndash2:Wndash2 92 18
Mature content
Becoming Baby Sister (1) :iconwndash2:Wndash2 106 15
Mature content
Sister's New Doll (14) :iconwndash2:Wndash2 39 5


Our fellow DeviantArtist, castlefun, just had their account deactivated. Where they shut down by Deviant Art, or did they choose to close down their account?

I'd like to know!



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It's a mystery :3

(Thank you for that artboyz :) )


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