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    It had been a year after the last one escaped, and Natalie was finally ready for her next victim. She had spent that entire year perfecting her inventions and her devices, to prepare for the next one, and especially since the last one escaped...
    She was ready to find the next person to use for her. It was time to get another one again.
    Best day of my life. Got the hottest girl in the world with me in a bar, I must have been in heaven. I quickly got drunk, and I tried to kiss her, until I felt something stab me in the leg, and I blacked out.
    That's pretty much all I remembered until I woke up in a very dark room, with a bright light source from above shining on me, almost like a spotlight. I was sitting down in a slightly tilted chair, making me lean back a little, and I was tied to the chair by my wrists and legs. There was a head brace under my head, making me unable to move my head at all.
    "Look who is finally awake." I heard someone say, and Natalie came in under the light. "Babe why am I here?" I asked, calm now seeing the hot girl standing there. "You will see." She smiled, and advanced towards me, and wheeled the chair in front of a mirror. She began taking items off of the mirror's table, and began applying them to my face.
    First she added blush to my face, and then blue eyeshadow, and then mascara. Then she also added a light pink lip gloss to my lips. She then grabbed my long hair, and began to stream dye through it, turning it from black to princess blonde.
    She cut the hair in various places until she was satisfied, and then she tied a ball gag into my mouth when I started to talk. I looked in the mirror, and I barely recognized myself. I looked just like a girl, especially with the girly hair and the girly makeup on.
    "Now, my little love doll, is the fun part." She pulled a remote out of her pocket, and pressed a button. Mechanical arms shot at me from the dark, grabbing hold of my arms and legs, and the restraints on the chair were opened, and the arms brought my arms and legs apart, a foot in the air, right side up again.
    Natalie then undressed me completely, and I felt self conscious about being naked in front of her. "Now, to get you dressed." She said, and pulled a bag out from the dark. She opened it up, and took out what looked like to be a pair of pink panties. "These panties are special, they let me control how much of a nudge I want in them." She slipped them on through the mechanical arms, and onto my waist, they felt like fabric, but still felt stiff, like plastic.
    Next, she pulled out a pink bra, and fit it onto my chest. "This special bra can control the bust size of my precious little doll." Instantly, I felt needles poke into my skin from the bra, but nothing else happened.
    She then fit a miniature pink corset around my waist. "And this of course is to control your waist size." She smiled. "Now the base of my doll is all done, it's time to have some fun."
Yes, this takes place a year after the Pantie Slave story. And yes, I realize it sounds a lot like the Pantie Slave story as well, but it will go much further in depth, and will turn out completely different, trust me ;)
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charlee718 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017
nice what is next
DRARRYLOVR4ETERNITY Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016
Conan12 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013
when the part 2 and 3
loyoyoyu Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013
I need more! :D
artistfan2 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
I don't see how mommy's little girl explains how it's over so are you going to continue it sorry if I sound impatient or rude.
Wndash2 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist
maybe later.
artistfan2 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
Cool cool I like that story though I'm just eager to know how it ends
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